Water Concepts supports the FairWater Foundation, they provide sustainable waterpumps in third world countries.

Many existing pumps are of bad quality and no longer funcion. FairWater replaces these pumps with BluePumps, these sustainable pumps last a lifetime.

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You can help the FairWater Foundation by facilitating a BleuPump. We offer the possibility to use this in the communication on your own bottled water. The QR code on the label points to the page on the website of the FairWater Foundation were your BleuPump is prestented. This way you can help motivate your relations to donate a BluePump as well!

The costs for a BleuPump are € 2500,-. You purchase the BluePump direct from the FairWater Foundation, they will send you an invoice.

Donate a BluePump now, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

FairWater Foundation